Dog Gold Chain Completely Guide 

What Are Dog Gold Chains

The dog gold  chain collar can be worn directly on the dog’s neck, the collar only touches the dog’s neck, and the strength is entirely on the neck. A collar is a binding tool. Its main function is to restrict the dog and protect the dog and other people when going out.

So we should more restrict which tools to ensure the safety of dogs as a starting point for selection. If the dog wants to run wild as soon as he leaves the house, and the physical restraint tools do not make people feel uncomfortable, he usually does not obey the owner’s “dissuade”. Strong and big dogs should use chains collars so that they should not go when they arrive. When you want to get rid of the restraint, the collar is tightly attached to the neck, making it feel suffocated, it will slow down the movement, and people can better control it. Love for dogs is the same as love for children, this is appropriate and cannot be spoiled.

If a dog in our general family chooses a collar, the dog will be tamed very quickly, because the neck is the most sensitive place. A little effort can restrain the dog’s behavior and help train them to be obedient.

Will They Feel Uncomfortable If They Wear A Golden Collar?

A good collar will not cause discomfort to the dog and can be more easily controlled. Those cheap collars are not considered.
Three months to eight months is the period of rapid growth of dogs. The overall proportion of the body develops rapidly, and the development of the neck is not very fast. At this time, I think it is very appropriate to use a good collar to correct some behavior problems.

When you go out, you must bring your dog with a  chain collar for the convenience of you, me and him. If you have a traction, you must have a collar. Even some national laws clearly stipulate that you must bring a collar for your dog in public.

When wearing a collar for a dog, it should be appropriate, not too tight or too loose. When the dog first wears the collar, it will feel uncomfortable, so he wants to get rid of it desperately, so the owner tends to wear it tightly. This is not good. In addition to the possibility of affecting the dog’s breathing, the friction on the delicate skin of the puppies is also greater. It is enough to adjust to a suitable tightness, that is, it can just put a finger in. The dog wants to break free at first. You can use snacks to attract and let it adapt slowly.
The collar should be cleaned regularly, because after a long time, it will definitely accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria, and because of rubbing the skin, it may be infected, and it will not be good to develop into a skin disease.

A dog  collar that is too thin is not recommended, although it can better contain the dog, but the area of ​​force is relatively small, the pressure is too large, and the damage to the skin is greater. It is best to choose a certain width.

How To Find the Right Gold Chain Collar for Your Dog

How would you choose? It depends on your dog’s size, personality, behavior, your personal taste, your training goals and training philosophy, etc. But from a pressure-free point of view, there are some types of collars that can be used.

We Set 4 Dimension For Measure Each Dog Gold Chain

1.Material type:Most gold chain by stainless steel with  gold-plate.but now have PVD plate,Golden  color stays 5x longer.

2.Weight:Plastic material will be much lighter, metal collar will be much heavier on medium and large dogs.

3.Comfortablity:Relative to the weight of the dog, the metal collar will not feel uncomfortable after being worn by large and medium-sized dogs. Small dogs wearing metal collars will definitely be less comfortable than plastic or other lightweight materials.

4.Dog Type:we set as  small. medium and large size dog.

How To Measure The Size Of A Dog Collar

Before ordering the dog gold collar, you need to spend some extra time to measure the size. Taking the time to measure your dog’s neck correctly is essential to obtain a proper fit. You don’t want to add any length or slack to your measurements, because most custom collar companies will take “swing space” into their size.
Be sure to measure around the thickest part of the puppy’s neck, and take a close (but not tight) measurement.

If your dog is younger and still growing, please let us know through our online customer service so that we can help determine the best size for your order
In most cases, it is recommended to measure the thickest part of your dog’s neck at the widest point. After the test, add 1-2 inches to the measured value.

Methods Of Measuring A Dog’s Neck

1. Wrap a rope around your dog’s neck, place it at the thickest part of the dog’s neck, then tighten the rope, mark the position of the rope, leave it and measure its length with a ruler or tape measure

2. Remove your dog’s current collar and level it. Then measure from the center of the buckle to the size hole or adjustment currently in use.

3. Most people have a mobile phone charging cable. We can use the charging cable for measurement, which is also very convenient. Hold the end of the cable with your index finger and thumb, and then gently wrap the other side around the widest area of ​​the dog’s neck, and then pull it tightly enough so that two fingers can be placed between it and the dog’s neck between. Loosen the charger end of the cable and mark the position where the power cord connects with the charger end with your finger. Then, use a tape measure to obtain the length data from the wire marking measurement. This method is much easier than wrapping a tape measure around the dog’s neck!

Finally, to evaluate the measurement size, we recommend adding 1-2 inches of additional adjustment to the measurement value
There should always be enough space between the dog’s neck and collar so that a finger can be inserted comfortably between them. This will ensure that the collar will not be too tight.

If your dog has grown up and their size is between the sizes listed, please choose the smaller of the two sizes. In this way, you will not hang excess material at the end of the collar. If your dog is still growing, choose the larger option.

measure chart for dog chains

Where Can I Buy A Dog Chain

We recommend the following dog gold chains, all of which are free shipping.

Dog gold chain for boy dogs

1.Cuban Dog Collars Stainless Steel Pet Training For Large Dogs Pitbull Bulldog

Cuban Dog Collars Stainless Steel

Using PVD gold-plated stainless steel, moderate price, good quality dog ​​collar, PVD vacuum plating is more than five times harder to fade under the same thickness than ordinary gold plating, and it is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

Stainless steel is a material that can last your dog’s life and will not corrode like pure gold or other metals.
316L stainless steel is a medical food grade stainless steel product, which is corrosion resistant, will not rust and irritate the dog’s skin.

The size ranges from 17.5″-25.5″, suitable for medium and large dogs. Bring a great dog world temperament.
It is very rough and strong to wear. It is not easy to cause knots on the dog’s neck, and hiding in the hair will not affect the original appearance of the dog’s long hair.
There is a phenomenon of squeezing hair on the neck when worn for a long time. When the dog is traveling, the neck is slightly compressed, and the comfort is good; when the dog bursts, the neck has a strong sense of pressure, the comfort is average, but the explosion-proof effect is good.

1.Material type:Stainless steel PVD gold-plated
4.Dog Type: medium and large size dog

2.Cuban Link Dog Chain 14 Inch for small dog

Cuban Link Dog Chain 14 Inch

After the plastic material is gilded, it looks very luxurious and luxurious.
Suitable for dogs whose neck size is less than 14 inches, and the neck will not be pinched for a long time. The dog will not have a sense of pressure on the neck when traveling, and the comfort is good. The dog will basically not have any uncomfortable feeling, and the movement is not restricted. Good-looking, explosion-proof, not squeezed

1.Material type:Plastic with gold-plated
4.Dog Type: Small dog

Dog gold chain for girl dogs

1.Rose Gold Dog Collar With Bow Tie

Many girls like to dress up their dogs beautifully and cutely.
This bow-knotted rose gold collar can be adjusted in size from 17.5″-25.5″, suitable for medium and large dogs. Bring a very stylish girl in the dog world.

The sturdy fiber fabric has a denim feel. When you walk the dog, the rate of turning back will be very high. The dog likes it too. It is comfortable and not oppressive. It will make your dog praised because of its true color. Is very popular.

1.Material type:Stainless steel gold-plated
4.Dog Type: Small  and medium dog

2.Rose Gold Dog Collar Adjustable for Small Medium Large Dogs Lace Design


The golden buckle adds an interesting touch to it and the collar is soft.let your girl looks like a lady now with her pretty bow
This rose gold collar with lace bow, the collar can be stretched and adjusted.

Size from 6″-23″, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. After wearing it, it will look like a fashion lady.

1.Material type:Stainless steel gold-plated
4.Dog Type: Small  medium  size dog

How To Clean Dog Gold Chain

1. The stainless steel collar, when worn by the dog, will secrete sweat, mixed hair and dirt, which is easy to nourish bacteria. Pour in pet fungicide. Please put it in warm water for 5-10 minutes, and then use cleaning brush to clean it. Clean up the stains. If you encounter stubborn stains that cannot be brushed off, you need a metal detergent. Wait 3-5 minutes after spraying, and then scrub the stains on the dog leash. Repeat several times to remove the stains.
After removing the stains, please wipe the collar with a dry towel. If the temperature is low, you need to use a hair dryer to dry it.

2. For the cotton collar, it is very sticky to dog hair, sweat stains, pour in the disinfectant and pour washing powder or clothes cleaner at the same time. It needs to be soaked in warm water for 10-20 minutes. After soaking, please clean it with a cleaning brush .After removing the stains, please dry it or use a hair dryer for quick drying.

In order to maintain the brightness of the gold chain, you can use a stainless steel gloss machine to spray, wait for 3-5 minutes, wipe it clean, and restore the shiny luster.

Avoid 5 Common Dangers When Chain Your Dog

1. Never collar an unattended dog

Any collar left on an unattended dog is easy to hook, which can easily cause the dog’s collar to get stuck.unable to shake off and caused injury and death. In wild places with dense shrubs and small animals, it is easy for dogs to be interested in chasing, and they are easily caught in the shrubs and unable to free themselves It is also easy to cause such accidents in small family yards. Play at home, if the home is not often tidy, it is also easy to hook, and some factory products are easy to hook, there are dogs walking or playing in it, it is also very easy to hook the accident.

2. Do not put a collar on a dog that is playing with its other puppy

Dogs that play together can get entangled in each other’s collars, especially when they play with their mouths.

If you feel you must remove the collar first while your dog is playing with other dogs or your collar has a quick-release buckle to prevent the collar from getting stuck or entangled.
As far as possible to let the dog play in their own field of vision, to ensure the safety of the dog, we human children in the absence of safety awareness, we do the same, let alone our pet dog.

3. Pay attention to the tags on dog collar

Hanging tags may be on cages or fence hooks, or they may be on the wires of appliances in your home. A tags that keeps shaking has a good chance of catching. Please use leather or plastic tags, which are easy to tear or slip.

4. Never put a collar on a dog that is too young

It may be wise to avoid collars on dogs under six months of age. In fact, it may be wiser to wait until after age 1 to use them. For dogs that are too small, wearing them suddenly can be uncomfortable. It can cause stress responses in dogs, fear of collars.

5. Chain collars or other corrective collars should not be used for dogs with short noses or thin necks

These dogs wear collars, a training tool that can easily injure themselves. Choose a harness for dog is good choice.

When Should You Remove Your Dog’s Chain?

1. When it’s time for your dog to sleep.

it’s a good idea to remove the collar so that he can sleep comfortably and the fur and skin under the collar won’t rub against the collar. If your dog walks or moves during the night, take the collar off. It will make him comfortable and won’t disturb us during the night.

2. When eating time

it is best to take off the collar, loose collar, will rub the food on the collar, especially thick soup, will stick to the collar and fur, coagulation, easy to tear the dog’s fur, causing the dog uncomfortable.

3. When playing at home

after taking off the collar, because the field is fixed, the dog can move in our safe area. When there is a lot of debris in the seat at home, wearing the collar will be easy to hook, resulting in the damage of home items.

4. when playing with other dogs

Dog playing, easy to get stuck or wound collar, cervical injury. Without the collar, he feels relaxed and has fun.

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