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Pug Collar :Complete Guide 2022


If you have a Pug, then you know that they are special dogs. They need special attention and care, but this does not mean that they can’t be stylish! For example, pugs love to wear collars just like any other dog. However, there are several considerations when choosing the right collar for your beloved pet. A good example of this is choosing what material would suit best with their fur type or lifestyle. In this blog post we will explore different types of collars so you can choose one that will make both you and your Pug happy!

What is pug collar

Pug collars are very similar to the traditional dog collars, but they are designed specifically for pugs.

The pug collar has a design that is specially made to fit the neck of your pug.It is a type of choke chain that fits around the neck of the dog. The collar is used to train or correct bad behavior or to train a dog to walk on a leash.

Pug collars are made from leather,nylon or metal materials, and they can be fitted with spikes or studs on them for extra protection against other dogs. The collar is also available in different colors and sizes, so you can find one that best fits your pug’s neck size and personality.

History of pug collar

The Pug collar is a form of neckwear worn by pugs, which has gained popularity and is often seen in fashion.

The Pug collar is a style of dog collar that originated in the 19th century as a way to prevent dogs from scratching their necks. The first recorded use of this collar was on a pug named Mossy, who belonged to Queen Victoria. This style of collar was popularized when it was worn by the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and his wife Alexandra, who were very fond of their pet dogs.

The Pug’s popularity started to rise in the 19th century when Queen Victoria began breeding them because she believed they looked like little black lions.

The name “Pug” comes from an old Dutch word meaning “snub-nosed”. Pugs were first owned by wealthy people but over time they became popular pets for all classes.

These collars were originally used by hunters to keep their dogs safe while they were hunting. The hunters would tie a rope around their dog’s neck and then attach it to their own belt loop, so that if their dog got away from them it would still be tethered to them. This style of collar has remained popular throughout the years because of its durability and practicality, making it suitable for any type of dog owner.

Types of Pugs collars:

A leather collar is the most common type of Pug collar. Leather collars are durable, comfortable and they look great on Pugs.

There are also nylon collars available in various colors and styles. These nylon collars are inexpensive, lightweight and breathable which makes them perfect for hot weathers.

Metal collars are another good choice for your Pug as they are strong, sturdy and very durable. Metal collars have a shiny finish that looks stylish on any dog especially if you have a small or medium-sized breed like the Pug!

Sparkly collars will make your little pup stand out from all others! You can find sparkly collars in many different styles like rhinestones or studded with crystals making them an adorable accessory for any occasion!

Leather collar

dog leather collar

This is the most popular type of collar for pugs and it’s easy to see why. Leather collars are durable and long lasting, making them ideal for your dog who loves to get into mischief or just needs a sturdy collar with which they can tug around. They’re also very comfortable—a leather collar won’t rub or chafe against your dog’s neck like some other materials might.

They are easy to clean, too! Just wipe down with a damp cloth if it gets dirty and you’re good to go! The only downside here is that leather collars tend to be more expensive than alternatives such as nylon or fabric ones.

The leather collar is also a popular choice because it looks great on your dog. There are many different colors and styles of leather collars, so you can find something that matches your pup’s personality perfectly. Leather collars come in black, brown, red, green, blue, purple and more!

They’re perfect for any breed of dog, but especially if you want something that’s comfortable as well as stylish. Leather collars are also available in many different sizes and styles, so even the smallest pug will look great wearing one of these collars!

Nylon collar

nylon pug collar

Nylon collars are a good choice for pugs who are very active and like to swim. Nylon collars do not absorb water, which makes them ideal for dogs who spend a lot of time in or around water. These collars can slide up over your dog’s ears during playtime, but will dry out quickly when you take it off your dog after playing outside. They are very easy to clean, too!

Nylon is also strong enough to withstand chewing from playful pugs without breaking or tearing apart. If you have an especially mischievous little one (or two), nylon collars might be a great choice for you!

Metal collar

metal pug collar

If you have a dog that spends a lot of time outdoors, or is an avid swimmer, a metal collar might be the best choice for your pooch. Metal collars will not absorb water like leather and fabric collars do. This means that when your pup is swimming in the lake or getting drenched in rain puddles, their collar won’t get heavy or wet and become uncomfortable to wear. The same goes for dogs who are prone to chewing on things; this type of material can withstand being gnawed on without breaking apart like plastic or rubber ones would if they were used instead.

The only downside to using this type of collar is that it doesn’t breathe as well as other materials so its not ideal for hot weather climates where your dog has thick fur (like Dalmations) since he/she could overheat more easily than usual due to sweating profusely through their coat due  to wearing such heavy-duty material around their neck all day long!

Sparkly collar

Sparkly collar for pug

The sparkly collar is a fun and whimsical addition to your pug’s wardrobe. It can be made from metal or leather, and will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common type of sparkly collars are ones with rhinestones, but you can also find sparkles on bows, hardware, studs or any other part of the collar (or all parts!).

The main benefit of a sparkly collar is that it adds flair to your pup’s outfit without adding too much bulk or weight. Some owners like how they catch light in different ways depending on what angle they’re looking at them—though this effect doesn’t work so well if you have an indoor pug! They’re also not recommended for pugs who are prone to skin infections because they might snag on rough surfaces (and could cause an infection). Sparkles are usually used only for shows; otherwise they’d get dirty very quickly!

Identify the material according to your Pug lifestyle

The answer to this question depends on what kind of pug you have and what you plan on doing with them.

Pug collars come in a variety of materials. Leather is the traditional material for dog collars, and nylon has also been used for a long time. Metal makes an upscale but still functional choice, and you can even find sparkly pug collar accessories!

While leather looks and feels great, it is not very durable. It may get chewed up or the color will fade over time. Nylon collars are much more durable and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. Metal collars have an upscale look, but they’re expensive and can be dangerous in certain situations like near overhead power lines.

Metal collars are stylish, but should only be worn if there is no chance that the collar will get caught on anything or get too snagged by other dogs’ teeth because it will hurt them very badly! Metal pug collar accessories like charms and tags make these collars extra fun; however, metal is not as strong as leather or nylon so they may not last as long over time – especially if exposed to moisture conditions such as rain or snow frequently which causes rusting damage due to oxidation processes happening throughout contact with oxygen molecules present in air (the main ingredient found inside our atmosphere).

Sparkly rhinestone designs may look pretty at first glance though due to their shininess they tend not withstand wear-and-tear well over time either; this means regular maintenance needs checking every few months just before any damages start showing signs like cracks starting forming around edges where stones have come loose from glue holding them firmly onto metal bands attached onto backsides.

If you live in an urban area, you may want to consider getting some type of reflective collar or harness. These types of collars usually come with lights that blink when it gets dark outside so drivers can see your dog at night and avoid hitting them with their cars.

Why does my Pug need a collar?

Pug collars are an essential part of your dog’s wardrobe. They serve many purposes, which include:

  • Safety: Your Pug needs a collar for identification and in case he gets lost. The best collar for his safety is one that includes a sturdy buckle and has enough space to fit two or three tags with his name, your contact information, and any special instructions like “no dogs” or “do not feed.”
  • Identification: If your Pug gets lost while out on a walk, the chances of being reunited with him are greatly increased if he has an ID tag attached to his collar (you can even get custom-made ones at local pet stores).
  • Style: Collars come in all shapes and sizes; so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find one that matches the style of your home décor! Plus they match well with other pieces you might have purchased from us too—like leashes or harnesses!
  • Comfort: Many dog owners will tell you that collars make it easier to control their dogs in situations where they otherwise would not be able to. If you’re walking on a busy street or around children playing, this can be invaluable. Protection: Without the right collar, your Pug’s neck could get injured if he tries to pull away from his leash. A collar is also essential for keeping fleas and ticks off of your Pug.
  • Protection: Even though they’re small and cute, pugs still need good collars to protect their necks from injury. And as a bonus, it can give you some peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and sound should he get lost or run away.

Basic measurements for making a Pug collar

To get started, you will need to measure your Pug’s neck size, chest size, girth, body length and body width.

The best way to measure the neck is from behind the ears down to where it meets his neck by his shoulders. Use a soft tape measure or piece of string if you don’t have a tape measure handy!

After measuring the neck size take another measurement around the base of your pug’s chest. You want this measurement to be snug but not tight as it can restrict breathing or movement which could cause injury in later life if left unchecked now!

Now that we have two of our four measurements done all that remains is measuring how much space there currently is between those two points on either side (these are known as girth measurements). The best way to do this is by using something called a Vest Harness; these are available online or at most pet stores/feed stores near you.

If however you don’t own one yet then just use something similar such as an old belt looped through itself multiple times so that both ends meet correctly across where they should sit comfortably against each other without being too loose nor too tight when secured together tightly enough so they won’t slip apart when put under stress (like when running around playing fetch).

Best 5 Collar for Pugs

As a proud Pug parent, you’re probably aware of their sensitive nature and their tendency to pick up on your own emotions. This is why it’s really important to have a collar that can take the abuse and not irritate your furbaby. I’ve put together a list of what I feel are the Best Pugs Collars currently available, as well as some important information for new pug owners and pet parents of dedicated puggy fans.

1. DOC Gold Cuban Dog Collars

picture of  Gold Cuban Dog Collars for pug

This elegant necklace with a beautiful and lively design provides your dog a smart look. It is made of 316L stainless steel which is durable; it is coated in 18K gold for a more luxurious and classy look. Due to its ruggedness and durability, it is suitable for the daily use of metal gear clawed pet.

This luxurious collar have 8 sizes to choose from so we can find one that fits your dog perfectly. With a stylish design for your pet and an elegant look, our collars are sure to make your dog stand out as one of a kind

2.Spiked Studded Rivet PU Leather Dog Collar

picture of Spiked Studded Rivet PU Leather Dog Collar

The Spiked Studded Rivet PU Leather Dog Collar is made of 100% high quality PU leather, which is soft and comfortable on your pet’s neck. Sturdy hardware and well-made hardware are used to make sure the collar has a longer life span and lasting use. The spikes are riveted on the collar. No glue is used on spikes and you can be assured that they won’t fall off.

3.Coastal Pet Products Nylon Adjustable Dog Collar

Coastal Pet Products Nylon Adjustable Dog Collar

The Coastal Pet Products DCP920534BLU Nylon Adjustable Dog Collar is made from nylon and has heavy-duty hardware.

This collar is adjustable, so you can use it on different dogs. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, too.

It’s an excellent value for your money, because it’s easy to clean, comfortable for your dog and available at a great price point!

4.CollarDirect Genuine Leather Dog Collar

CollarDirect Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Leather collars are durable, comfortable and stylish. They are also a natural material that is easy to clean. If you have a pug or another dog that requires regular baths, then leather is the ideal choice for their collar.

Leather is not only good for its durability and ability to withstand water; it’s also beautiful in its own right! The CollarDirect Genuine Leather Dog Collar features a black leather design with gold accents on the buckle area and on the D-ring closures. This collar looks great on all types of dogs, including pugs!

5.Buckle-Down Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar

Buckle-Down Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar

Buckle-Down Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collar, Pug Love Black Space Dust, 1.5″ Wide, Fits 15″-26″ Neck Size

If you’re looking for a unique dog collar that is sure to turn heads, then look no further than this buckle-down seatbelt buckle dog collar. This leather dog collar features an adjustable strap with a metal buckle that can be adjusted to fit your pug just right! The leather used in this product is high quality and genuine leather so it will last you for years to come.

Tips for safe maintain your pug collar

Pug collars are durable and strong, but they still need a little TLC to keep them looking good. Here’s how to clean and maintain your pug collar so it lasts you for years.

1.Keep the lock loose, unless you need to reinforce it.

While a tight-fitting lock may seem like the way to go, it isn’t. If you tighten your Pug collar too much, then there’s no way that you could get the collar off if your dog ever got stuck in something. The proper size is neither too loose nor too tight—it should be able to fit on without being super hard to get on and off.

You also need to consider how heavy (or light) your Pug collar is before choosing a lock. While some pug owners prefer lighter locks, others find that they offer better protection against potential thieves looking for an easy target.

2.Put the leather in water for about 20 minutes, then take it out and let it stand for another 10 minutes.

  • Put the leather in water for about 20 minutes, then take it out and let it stand for another 10 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water and a small bowl to do this cleaning process. Make sure that you dry the harness with a soft cloth so that no additional moisture is left behind on the leather or else it will cause cracking later on in life.
  • You can use a hair dryer or even better, just let your harness dry naturally by leaving it overnight in an empty room with good ventilation (a window open will do) so as not to get mold growing inside of your pug collar.
  • After letting your pug collar air out, wipe off any remaining moisture with a slightly damp cloth then use vinegar diluted with equal parts of water on an old toothbrush or sponge; gently scrubbing until clean again before drying again!

3.Use a small brush to clean off the harness with vinegar.

You can clean your pug collar with vinegar, but be sure not to let the leather get wet. To do this, take a small brush and dip it into a small dish of vinegar to dampen it; then rub over the harness.

4.Let the leather dry naturally.

If you get your pug collar wet, let it dry naturally. Do not put the collar in the dryer or leave it near direct sunlight or a hot area. You could also damage the leather by drying it near a fire, radiator, heater or any other source of heat.

5.Don’t let it sit in damp weather.

The pug collar is meant to be worn on your dog, so we shouldn’t let it sit around in the rain and sun. If you want to keep your pug collar looking good, keep it out of these conditions as much as possible! You should also avoid storing the collar in a damp place; this includes your car or washing machine.


A pug collar is an important part of your pet’s daily care. You can use it to help keep your pug clean as well as hold up his hair. A pug collar should be worn at all times and come in different styles; there are even ones that feature a harness attachment so you can secure him on walks or in the car without worrying about choking hazards!

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