What Makes Cuban Link Dog Chain Unique

What Makes Dog Cuban Link Chain Unique

The origin of the chain is most commonly credited with the rise of hip-hop music in the 1970s, when a Rapper named Felix Delgado caught on to the gold chain and named it after his stage name, Cuban Link. Others say it got its Latin-style name from its popularity in the Miami enclave of Cuba. In fact, it’s sometimes called the Miami Cuban Link Chain because of its popularity in South Florida.
After it became popular in the rap industry, it gradually became popular in various fashion circles, and many personalized pet accessories began to rise. Because of the unique style, durability and pure low-key luxury personality, Cuban chain has been far ahead in the pet industry. It has long been a fashion standard for pet owners to pair their dogs with matching Cuban Link chains.

What Is a Cuban Link Dog Chain

Cuban link dog chains are made of circular links linked together in layers, while ordinary large gold chains are often made of elliptical gold beads, and some even have a gold tag attached. In addition to the shape, the popularity of Cuban chain is fueled by the black hip-hop culture. So there’s a lot of difference between a regular big gold chain.

The cuban link dog chain is made of metal gold and plastic.

The metal gold cuban chain is suitable for medium and large dogs. The neck is thicker, the muscle and bone characteristics are very stable, and it will not bring pressure to the neck after wearing.

Cuban Dog Collars Stainless Steel

Gold plating effect is good, cleaning and cleaning are very convenient, desensitization, will not cause allergic reactions to dog skin.

Cuban Link Dog Chain 14 Inch

Plastic is lightweight for small dogs, but when gold-plated, the effect is just as cool as metal, without adversely affecting your dog’s skin.

Why Makes It Unique?

A few reasons the Cuban link dog chain stands out from the rest

  1. Because it contains the cultural spirit of Hip-Hop in it, wild and unruly, you will often find that you can not go far to find the gold Cuban chain hanging on the neck of the old and new idols, including their dogs, the same chains, the same style, the same low-key luxury.
  2. Mixing and matching uses are extremely wide. cuban link dog chains are matched with nylon dog leash or metal dog leash, and leather dog chains leash can reflect the owner’s style.
  3. Unique design, enough neck, not easy to be hooked, very high security.

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